How to knit an Animal print handbag with straight needles.

Do you want to know HOW to knit a bag with straight needles?

Stay fashionable this season with Snuggly Woollens. I have been browsing the latest fashion shows and realised that animal print is always in trend. Today I will share my weekend project, an “Animal print” handbag. It is a great addition to your wardrobe and you will be thrilled to wear it!

Recently, I had few requests about knitting a bag with straight needles. So, here we are.


If you are an absolute beginner and need any help, I will recommend “Wool and The Gang”, they have loads of wonderful video tutorials for almost anything. You can check it here.

If you have any questions, or you like me to do any particular tutorial, please do not hesitate to contact me here.


I used 16 oz (453.6 g) ball of grey colour high-quality acrylic yarn “Caron One Pound” by (main colour),

one 50 g ball of Italien yarn “Lena” with a high content of Merino wool and Alpaca in white colour (animal print colour), 5 mm (US 8) straight needles, 3 mm (US 6) straight needles, and a sewing needle.

Animal print handbag. Pic.1
Animal print handbag. Pic.1


For your information: for this bag, I used 200 g of grey and about 10 g of white yarn.

Tension for stocking stitch

10 cm x 10 cm (4in x 4 in) = 16 ST x 20 R

How to knit

  • With the pair of #5 straight needles cast on 60 ST in main colour yarn.
  • Work in stocking stitch 30 cm/12 in – about 60 rows. (Pic.2)
    Animal print handbag. Pic.2
    Animal print handbag. Pic.2


  • Change needle to #3 and add another strand of yarn. I usually pull it out from the middle of the ball (Pic.4). This will help to make the base of your bag stronger and to keep the shape well.


  • Animal print handbag. Pic.3
    Animal print handbag. Pic.4


  •  Garter next 8 rows.
  • Cast off 8 ST each side.

Row 69 – cast off 8 ST, knit 52,

Row 70 – cast off 8 ST, knit 44.

  • Work in garter stitch for next 24 rows. It should measure 10 cm from the cast-off edge. Add two more rows if needed.
Animal print handbag. Pic.5
Pic.5 Yey! After 3 hrs I am halfway through the body of my new bag!


  • On next two rows cast on 8 stitches at the end of each row.
  • Garter next 8 rows. Remove one strand of yarn and get ready needles #5.
  • With needles #5 work in stocking stitch further 30 cm (60 rows).
  • Cast off 60 stitches.
  • Check out your measuring on the graph.

Congratulation! The main part is done!


Now, I am going to add the animal print using the duplicate stitch technique. You can add the leopard print randomly as you like it. For reference please see the pic.6.

Animal print handbag. Pic.6


Animal print handbag. Pic.7
Animal print handbag. Pic.8
  • Now is the time to sew the sides of my bag. I will use the vertical invisible seam technique. Then sew the bottom of the base of the bag.
Animal print handbag. Pic.9
  • Turn the bag the right side facing out and fold the top edges 2 cm(about 1 in) towards the wrong side and sew the edge down by picking the top loop of your cast off row and purl loop from the wrong side of the body.
Animal print handbag. Pic.10
  • To add zip enclosure I used 40 cm zipper.
Animal print handbag. Pic.11
  • First, tack (or baste) the zipper in place on both sides. Then, check it and sew permanently by hand or using sewing machine. I will make a separate tutorial for sewing a zipper, attaching a lining and an internal pocket.
Zip attachment. Pic 12


  • I used needles #3. Cast on 11 stitches.
  • Work in 1×1 rib stitch at least for 50 cm (20 in). I made my handle 80 cm (32 in) long and made it flexible.
Animal print handbag. Pic.14
Animal print handbag. Pic.15
  • Attach the handle and TADA……

Handknitted with the straight needles an “Animal Print” handbag

Animal print handbag. Pic.16

No time to make it?

You can buy it here.


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